Successful trotlining means keeping bait on the hook

LITTLE ROCK, Ar (AFGC) - Mention trotlining in a fishing conversation, and you may get some frowns. But it is an effective method of getting good catfish on the dinner table - and an occasional crappie, bass or something else.

A problem for some trotliners is keeping liver on a hook. Liver catches catfish, but they have a tendency to get it off without being hooked. The bait gets mushy too.

The trick is to find a discarded pair of panty hose or nylon stockings. Cut a supply of pieces about three inches square. Cut your pieces of liver, put each in the center of a mesh square, then pull all four corners together and slip them over the hook, either a single hook or a treble hook.

In the water, the smell oozes out and attracts catfish, and the liver stays on the hook. This also works with chunk dog food and cheese curds, the later another effective catfish bait that's hard to find.