Viewer e-mail: Wet or Dry In Craighead County

Nov 16 3:56pm
Name: Bill Huggins
Subject: Go Wet
Comment: It is no wonder that people in other states, especially out West,
think that Arkansas is a stone age, backward state. One person in Nevada,
upon hearing that I was from a "Dry" county in Arkansas, asked me if that
meant that it didn't rain here. Being from Arkansas isn't something that I
have been overly proud of, but like most people here, I've been too stupid
to leave and stay. I can't drink anymore because of heart problems, but
definitely believe Craighead County should be "WET,WET,WET"

Nov 16 11:3pm
Name: Concerned Citizen
Subject: Wet/Dry
Comment: Not only did KAIT produce an extremely bias report, they are
using the same bias view to determine which of the comments to show.

Craighead County is dry for a reason.  How many times to the citizens have
to state the we want it to remain dry.  Look at the trash and crime that
alcohol creates.

Nov 17 12:12am
Name: Wally
Subject: The Drought of 1944
Comment: I would just like to say that personally this issue should not be
stirred up again.  The only reason why people feel they must drink is
because they have a spiritual drought.  Jesus is the Living Water and just
a taste of His New Wine will keep us from ever thirsting again.  Why not
do a story on the Spiritual Drought of 2002?

Nov 17 12:04pm
Name: Another "concerned" citizen
Subject: Absolutely hilarious
Comment: It has been extremely funny reading all the email responses from
people about this subject, especially the ones left blank, or signed
"concerned citizen" claiming that KAIT is obviously biased onthis issue.

Did you read the story? Where in the story did KAIT take a position on wet
or dry? I read a history report, I don't know if that is what you read, if
you did at all.

I largely think the folks that are the most "anti-wet", or "anti-KAIT" are
people that didn't even read the story, clicked on the link to offer
feedback, and proceeded to write something negative without being exposed
to the true story. It appears that if a person brings up the issue, they
are obviously pro-wet.

The negativity, and guilt-tripping of folks on this issue in very
non-Christian. I can say that with a clear conscience. I am a Catholic,
which I realize is "not Christian," according to some of you out there.
Well this misguided "Papist" says this: According to you, Jesus drank
wine. As a Catholic, I believe in transubstantiation, so in my book it is
blood. I find it hilarious that some of you claim that God has blessed
Jonesboro because of the lack of liquor sales in the town. How
hypocritical is that? In the last week, I have purchased numerous shots of
Jack Daniels, and pitchers of beer at various "clubs" within the city
limits of the "blessed" town. Last I checked, there are no pillars of salt

Don't blame KAIT if this issue is uncomfortable for you. They reported,
unbiasedly, on a subject of interest to citizens of Craighead County,
including this one.

What should be uncomfortable to you other "concerned" citizens is the fact
if the extremely unfair 38% of the electorate signs a petition (as opposed
to only 15% for any other issue) asking for the wet/dry question to be put
on the ballot, is that you will lose, and lose big time.

I await all of your prayers for my soul.