Jermain Taylor hoping for another breakthrough

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Little Rock boxer Jermain Taylor is back in training. Taylor, who held the world middleweight championship for two years, will be going after the super middleweight title when he fights Britain's Carl Froch on April 25 in Mashantucket, Conn.

Taylor is training in Miami, but with Ozell Nelson of Little Rock, his longtime amateur trainer and mentor. As Taylor put it, quote, "I'm back where it all started -- with Ozell Nelson, who's been there all my life."

With a 28-2-1 record, Taylor admits he was at a crossroads after two losses to Kelly Pavlik, who beat Taylor for the middleweight title in 2007. With a win against Froch, Taylor can establish himself again as 1 of boxing's top fighters in any division.

Taylor said that, in the two fights he lost, he not only let himself down, he let his fans and his hometown down. He said he now has a chance to make up for that.

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