Out Of The Dark Celebrates New Chapters

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- "This is going to be the salvation of this generation....groups like Out of the Dark," said State Drug Director, Fran Flener.

Out of the Dark is a community based organization founded by leaders in the community determined to help take hold of the drug problem before drugs take hold of any more children. Part of their goal is to educate and make young people aware of the dangers of drug abuse.

"We just felt like it was time for the community to step up and do something about it. These kids are eventually going to turn into parents, and if we don't help educate them now or help some of them now, they're going to be subject to risk as they get older," said Mooney Jr.

Thursday's event celebrated new Out of the Dark chapters located in Craighead County schools and at ASU. One of those schools with a new chapter is Buffalo Island Central.

BIC Senior, Allen Davis, says he's looking forward to participating this year and volunteering for years to come. He says he remembers the education about drugs he got at a young age and hopes to pass it along.

"Especially back in elementary, we used to have the DARE program. This is pretty much DARE, but for high school students," said Davis.

Skip Mooney Jr. and other out of the dark volunteers say they are determined to make a difference, with education being on the front lines of defense against the war on drugs.

"We just intend to get involved and intervene and see if we can come up with some new ideas and get the children involved and let them know we are supporting them," said Mooney Jr.

The schools with chapters are Jonesboro High School, Brookland, Bay, Nettleton, Westside, and BIC.  ASU also has a chapter.