Offbeat: Kidsfest

BRANSON, MO (KAIT) - At Silver Dollar City there's something for everyone. Thrills and chills, with rides like Powder Keg, Wild Fire and the Giant Barn Swing.

There are the ever present artisans and always lots of great shows.

And every summer, kid's are the biggest priority.

In the middle of the heat of the summer, they host Kidsfest, which runs through the middle of August.

And it all works because Silver Dollar City has never forgotten what's important. They ask their customers what they would want to come visit the theme park.

So unlike "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," what happens in Branson lives on year, after year, after year. And what happens lives in the memories and minds of children who grow up and bring their children back to Silver Dollar City and Branson time and time again.