Winter Watch: K8 News Coverage

December 5, 2002
Posted at: 3:45 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Freezing rain tore tree limbs onto power lines, knocking out electricity this morning in parts of northeast Arkansas. Winter weather advisories stretched across the northern half of the state.

Schools were closed over much of northeast Arkansas, prompted by a winter storm that began yesterday with rain that turned to snow, sleet and freezing rain.

Craighead County sheriff's dispatcher Dexter Collins says the streets are not iced, but ice has collected on trees and power lines. He says power is out in isolated areas, but not approaching the scale of the December 2000 ice storms that caused of the hundreds of thousands of outages.

At Harrison in the north central portion of the state, state police dispatcher Cliff Cottrell said precipitation had ended with about three inches of snow and sleet on the ground.

``The roads are a little slushy. The traffic will break it up,'' he said.

The National Weather Service in Little Rock issued a freezing rain advisory this morning that stretches from the state's west-central area to the Little Rock area. The northern half of the state is under winter weather advisories.

The K8 Stormteam forecast says that temperatures will remain around 33 with today's high of 35 occurring around 2:00pm. Skies will be sunny to mostly sunny with 5 to 10 MPH winds from the north.
Temperatures will diminish from 29 early this evening to 23. Skies will be mostly clear with 5 MPH winds from the northeast turning from the north as the evening progresses.
It should be a very chilly overnight. Temperatures will stay near 21 with today's low of 20 occurring around 6:00am. Skies will range from clear to mostly clear with 5 MPH winds from the north turning from the northwest as the overnight progresses. 

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