Assembly Committees to Study Funding Decision

December 6, 2002
Posted at: 5:00 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Legislative leaders say current members of the state House and Senate education committees will serve on an ad hoc committee to study the state Supreme Court's recent decision on school funding.

The panels will review the court's decision and begin developing plans in advance of the regular session that convenes January 13 to implement a school funding plan that meets constitutional muster.

Last month, the high court ruled that public schools are inadequately funded and that almost $2 billion in school aid is distributed inequitably among the 310 school districts. In a landmark decision that officials say undermines local control of schools, the court also said that the state is responsible for providing all of Arkansas public school children equal educational opportunities.

Members of the Senate Education Committee are: David  Malone, Jodie  Mahony, John E.  Brown, Jim  Argue, John A.  Riggs, Jimmy  Jeffress, and Hank  Wilkins, IV.

Members of the House Education Committee are: M. Olin  Cook, Calvin  Johnson, Wilma  Walker, Jim  Magnus, Pat  Bond, Mary Anne  Salmon, Gene  Jeffress, Paul  Bookout, Herschel  Cleveland, Robert J.  White, Paul  Weaver, Arnell  Willis, Mary Beth  Green, Phillip T.  Jacobs, Steve  Oglesby, Lindbergh  Thomas, Harmon R.  Seawel, Thomas  Moore, Dwight  Fite, Leroy  Dangeau, Jake  Files, Randy  Minton, Shawn A.  Womack, Marvin  Parks, Dean  Elliott, Joyce  Dees, Mark Alan  Smith, Bill  Pritchard, and Ken  Cowling.

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