Take a child bream fishing

Bream are the most willing of the fish world. They will bite most any bait from earthworms to topwater bass baits. They can be caught anywhere there is a little water and they aren't too picky about conditions. They are great cooked in a lot of ways, and they are often the first fish young anglers catch. They don't care if you are in a boat or fishing from the bank, wearing a jumpsuit with sponsor patches or just patched jeans, using a cheap 'blue light special" rod and reel or the top of the line stuff costing big bucks. They never met a fisherman they would not bite for!

I have great memories of catching bream with my mother. I fished every pond within walking and bike riding distance of my house when I was growing up. And when school was out, me and my friends went fishing all the time! It was great, spending time outdoors, and fishing probably kept me out of trouble a lot of times.

I hooked the biggest bass I ever saw at the end of my line while fishing for bream. The bream were bedding then, and that is a great time to catch them. Bluegill, shellcracker, pumpkinseed, redbreast or any other species will pull your string, stuff your stringer, and fill your stomach. What more could you ask for?

Go bream fishing. Take a kid along. Watch a cork disappear! You will enjoy it, give the child memories that will last a lifetime, and generally make the world a better place!

Source: fishing.about.com