MODOT releases new survey on helmet law

By Crystal Britt - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Missouri legislature voted to repeal motorcycle helmet law, it is now awaiting the governor's signature.
Wednesday the Missouri Department of Transportation released a survey on what Missourians think about the issue.
According to MODOT's survey, supporters for the mandatory helmet law outnumber opponents by more than a nine to one ratio.
Regardless, new legislation could repeal that law if Governor Jay Nixon signs off on it.
Many riders have strong opinions about the issue.
"Me personally, I would like to see them keep it.  That way all my friends would have to wear their helmets. They'd be around a lot longer," said Bob Vinyard. 
"Personally, I wear a helmet, but the law--I don't think we should have the law.  I think you should have the right to choose," said Michele Tumbleson.
Tumbleson owns Minor's Harley Davidson in Scott City.  She says her customers are pretty split on the topic.
"Very split, I have several friends and family that would rather not wear them," said Tumbleson. 
It's their right she says, a right riders right across the river in Illinois have.
Just out of curiosity, Heartland News ran its own mini test.  We parked along Highway 3 in Ware, Illinois.  Within about 25 minutes, five motorcycles came by.  Three riders were wearing helmets, and two were not.
"I always wear it, I never take it off no matter what state we're in I always wear it," said Vinyard.
"We cannot force them to purchase a helmet. We can give them information on what to expect if they did have an accident, "said Brian Kirstein. 
Salesmen at Wieser Powersports in Cape Girardeau do though highly recommend them.
"Always worn a helmet. I don't think I could give that up even with the free choice of deciding whether or not to wear one," said Kirstein.
"I agree it should be the rider's choice. It's a personal preference. I've grown up wearing a helmet. Helmets save lives," said Kevin Wieser. 
Kevin Wieser, General Manager of Wieser Powersports, says he's glad he had a helmet on when he crashed his bike two years ago.  
"Landed superman style face first," said Wieser. "I've saved the helmet to remind me. It saved my life. I dislocated my jaw, broke my collar bone, and broke my wrist.  It's riders choice, but give me a full faced helmet anytime, it saved by life".
The bill already passed in the Missouri legislature would lift the helmet requirement for those who are at least 21, and not traveling on the interstate.

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