Area churches take closer look at security

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "Churches want to be open to people.   They want to be inviting to people.   We provide help and assistance to a lot of people so we have people in and out of the building all of the time, said Jimmy Adcox.

At Southwest Church of Christ, Minister Jimmy Adcox, says he has to balance being inviting with making sure those who work and attend the church are safe.  In light of the stabbing and robbery at an area church, Adcox says it's time to take a closer look at security measures in place at the church.

"For our people maybe have cards where they can get in and out on their own without just leaving the door unlocked all of the time.   Maybe a buzzer system so they can buzz and we can know who's coming before they enter the building.   Cameras, that could be a deterrent, and when something does happen as well as to help us solve situations when something does happen," said Adcox.

Adcox says there have been issues with security in the past simply because the building is so big.  In addition, they offer services where people are in and out all day long.  He says they will not stop offering those services, they may just have to re-examine how things are done.

"We're a church and we're here to minister to people and we want to take the necessary precautions but we're here for this community and we're here for the people who need us the most," said Adcox.

Adcox says the church has fallen victim to thieves before.  He says just last week, while a group was outside praying and preparing to send a group of people off on a mission trip, someone slipped inside and stole a woman's one saw anything taken.  Adcox says despite the bad that happens in perhaps unlikely places, their mission won't change.

"If anything, it only reminds us of how desperate the needs are in people's lives.   If people had god in their life and could find some sense of direction and purpose for their life, maybe things like this wouldn't happen.>

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