911 tapes from deadly accident released

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JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT)   --  The 911 calls from Wednesday's deadly accident near Bay have been released.  Calls  were coming into 911 reporting that  a vehicle  was driving the wrong way on Highway 63 near Bay.

"There's a car driving on the wrong side of the interstate, and it about hit me," said one caller.

Little did these drivers know, just minutes maybe even seconds after they made those calls,  lives would be lost in an instant.  The driver of the P-T Cruiser was driving on the wrong side of the road when the P-T Cruiser smashed into a Focus Incorporated van.

Listen in as one driver sees the wreckage and wonders what happened.

"I'm out here on the bypass 63 between Nestle Road and Commerce.   It looks like there's a truck on fire in a ditch," said another caller.

Dispatchers are working frantically to get help to the scene of the accident.

"We have received several calls, we have called out Bono and Bay in reference to accident with injury," said one dispatcher.

On the scene, rescue crews worked tirelessly.  For hours, they worked to clean up an accident that happened in just a moment, and changed lives forever.

Click on this story to hear raw audio from the 911 calls.

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