A pole is an effective tool for Arkansas bream fishing

LITTLE ROCK, Ar (AGFC) - One of the appeals of bream fishing is the simplicity of it. Cane poles, bobbers, crickets and worms are basics for bream fishing, and these merely scratch the surface.

Cane poles work fine for many bream fishermen, and you can cut these poles from canebrakes and dry them before using. Or simply buy them from fishing supply outlets in varnished form for just a few dollars.

A serious bream fisherman has one or more "bream poles" he or she considers as working tools, although the investment may be minimal. It or they are personal possessions, something that works and works for the angler.

Fiberglass and graphite poles cost more but often last longer. Length isn't critical. Most bream anglers use 8- to 10-foot poles. Fly rods work well as bream poles. Baitcasting, spinning and spincast rods and reels are fine, but seldom does a bream angler need to make a long cast. Bream fishing is a close range endeavor.

Bream are small fish with most weighing under a pound. Heavy fishing line isn't needed to catch them, but put an asterisk by this comment. Bream often live in territory clogged with snags, roots, debris and other obstacles, requiring anglers to often use heavier line to work the scrapping little fish through an underwater maze that would quickly snap lighter lines.

Ten-pound-test line, the kinds that comes on most moderately priced reels, works find on bream poles, but some anglers who use small, light lures, even popping bugs, prefer lighter line, like 4- or 6-pound-test, especially if they can work open areas.