Finding ammo difficult for police

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - When crimes happen and officers arrive one vital thing they have to carry to protect them and other citizens are bullet's.  But some say finding them is almost impossible.

"I've never seen it," said Hoxie Police Chief Glen Smith.

"We've never had this kind of problem.  Usually when you order shells, in just a couple of days they're being delivered," said Lawrence County Sheriff's Department Captain Jody Dotson.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and Hoxie Police Department, both agencies who strive to "protect and serve" the community, are not finding the ammunition they need.

"We placed our order several, several months ago and we waited and waited and they never came in.  Our qualification date came up and we didn't have any shells," said Dotson.

That's when Captain Dotson said they had to borrow bullets to qualify with.

"It's kind of put us in a bind because by law we have to qualify yearly and without being able to get bullets it's been hard on us," said Dotson.

For the sheriff's department the officers buy the bullet's they carry on their own and normally practice shooting on their days off but haven't been able to do that this year.

"Our scores were down this year from what they normally are because the officers haven't been able to shoot on their own practicing," said Dotson.

"Each officer has got to shoot a 400 or better on qualifying on a 500 course," said Smith.

And nobody seems to know exactly why there's such a huge demand.

"I would just like to know why the demand is like it is.  I called South Dakota because we got a book in and I tried to order some out of there and they put me on a waiting list until May of next year," said Smith.

"They're just being bought as quickly as they can be produced.  Everybody's stockpiling," said Dotson.

Other departments across the area are also seeing a shortage of bullets.  Meanwhile others say they have all they need for now.

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