Accident victim's family shares story

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) -- "Michael ended up with meningitis when he was a tiny baby, and he ended up with brain damage, and a seizure disorder after that.   He didn't start out being disabled, but he did become disabled," said Michael Lane's mother, Terria Davison.

Disabilities didn't slow Michael down.  It's evident by the dozens of awards he received while participating in Special Olympics.  His mom said he was an active guy, and he filled each day of his life with friends and family that he loved, and who loved him.

"I need those memories, and I love the fact that I have all of those good times to remember," said Davison.

Michael's life ended tragically Wednesday afternoon.  The Focus, Incorporated bus he was riding in was hit head on.

"I called the school and asked them if Michael was on the bus and they said yes he was," said Davison.

She says, you could call it mother's intuition--she says, she knew the news would be devastating--and it was.

He went on impact so he didn't suffer.   Michael will never have another seizure.   Michael will never be left without his mama to take care of him.   God decided he needed him worse than I did," said Davison.

"He accomplished everything that the Lord wanted him to accomplish, and he took him home," said Ronnie Davison.

For Michael's father, Ronnie, he says his message to the Bakken family is the same as it is to the rest of the families involved in this accident.

"We send our prayers to him--we send our prayers to the other students killed in the accident and hurt in the accident," said Ronnie Davison.

"I feel like this was an act of God, and there's nothing else that can be said," said Terria Davison.

For Terria, she says she will take this loss one day at a time--remembering the joy Michael brought into her life.  She says his softball teammates, that Michael adored,  have asked to wear their uniforms to his funeral. It's a tribute Terria says Michael would have loved.

"I'm going to put his cap in with him, and he'll be apart of that team one more time," said Terria Davison.


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