Boaters complain about dock space in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) - Some boaters are complaining that Chattanooga has too little dock space downtown on the Tennessee River, but the city's man in charge of waterfront parking disagrees.

Longtime boater Charles Rollins told the Chattanooga Times Free Press he's noticed that the average recreational mariner is being edged out of the picture and "it's totally unfair." Rollins said the city seems to be catering to larger, tourist-drawing, money-making vessels that just sit there and never move.

Glynn Hodges of Signal Mountain said he has arrived downtown by boat for the evening but couldn't find a place to dock.

The general manager of the company hired by the city to manage the riverfront parking, Mike Mooneyham, said there's still plenty of parking room available.

Information from: Chattanooga Times Free Press,

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