Offbeat: Agility Dog

By Bob Snell - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Timer is on his way to the AKC Agility Dog Nationals and is the first dog in Arkansas to qualify. Betty Hinson has been grooming, training, and handling dogs for more than 40 years and she says Timer is the real deal.

"Timer has only been running agility for about a year," said Hinson.  "Not every dog can do this.  Timer is just one of those special dogs that just wants to go, go all the time."

Hinson says she and Timer spend hours training and usually if he makes a mistake, it's her fault.

"These little dogs are watching their handler's hands and feet," said Hinson.  If I step off or point one way or the other, it could cause him to miss an obstacle.  And at this level, you can't afford even one mistake."

Through a series of competition Timer quailified for televised AKC Agility Dog Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma in April of 2010.  Hinson has also been named the state's agility team captain, should any other dogs qualify.

"I've learned a lot about God through my dogs," said Hinson. "I believe God has given me all these dogs to help me learn more about unconditional love. These dogs just give and give, and give love back, no matter how they are treated, just like God."

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