Family and friends remember fallen soldier

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)   --  For  family and friends of Paul Brooks, they say he was happy to serve his country.  They say he knew the possible consequences, but was willing to take the risk.

"When they join the service, they join knowing that they have limited time and that's something they accept.  She said they are a special breed, and I believe that.   My brother was a special breed," said Nikki Winn, Paul Brooks' sister.

At a memorial service to honor Paul Brooks, or "P-F" as he was nicknamed, memories were shared of a proud American soldier.

"We talked in detail about how he felt being a soldier.   He once told me he wanted to be the best medic that the army had," said Paul Brooks', P-F's father.

Family and friends also say he was a dedicated family man.  His family was presented a flag by Jonesboro Mayor, Harold Perrin.  Perrin says it's a token of appreciation for Paul's service to our country.  For Paul's family, Monday's memorial service is the first step in saying goodbye to their son.  He will be laid to rest in Springfield, Missouri on Saturday.

"It will give us some closure, and it will be time, at that point, to move on," said Brooks.

Paul says while his son is gone, he hopes it's a lesson to those who still have their loved ones here.

"Hopefully we'll learn something about remembering to tell people how you feel about them.   Make that phone call when you think about somebody," said Brooks.

Nikki Winn, Paul's sister, says the roomful of people and stack of cards and letters are comforting.  She says Monday's ceremony is not only a chance to say goodbye.   It's also a chance to remember a son, father, brother, husband, and friend who is gone--but certainly not forgotten.

"We get to look at pictures as we've got in front of us, and remember the times we did have with Paul," said Nikki Winn.

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