Restoration Workload Reduced to 1500

December 11, 2002
Posted at: 5:50 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Work continues by area power companies to restore electrical services to victims of last week's ice storm that blacked out several families in Region 8.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Craighead Electric crews have reduced the number of households without power to approximately 1,500. They say, however, that it may still be several days before all services are restored.

The energy co-operative has called in more than a hundred additional men from other co-ops and contract companies assisting its own crews. The total amount of repair workers in the field is close to 200.

Craighead Electric officials also stress that if a meter base is damaged or pulled off the house, it is the homeowners responsibility to have it repaired. Meanwhile, the toll-free phone number to report outages to Craighead Electric is 1-888-771-7772.