Mulberries, bushytails, and catfish

A friend just dropped by to let me know that mulberries are beginning to ripen in central Missouri. That means squirrel hunters in southern Missouri already are focusing their attention on these squirrel magnets.

Devoted summer bushytail hunters have detailed mental maps with the locations of mulberry, hickory and other trees that produce favorite squirrel foods before acorns mature. If you don't know where mulberries can be found in your area, start looking around the margins of streams. If you hear rustling in stream-side trees chances are good that you've found mulberries and squirrels.

Incidentally, Missouri River catfish Guide Ed Schneider has noticed that catfish will move up big-river tributaries to gorge on falling mulberries this time of year. Play your cards right, and you could be frying up squirrel and catfish at the same time!

By: Jim Low