"Dirty Jobs" at Arkansas State University

Jonesboro (KAIT) - Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel's hit show "Dirty Jobs", was in Region 8 studying what Rowe enjoys working with the most....poo.

Mike Rowe created "Dirty Jobs" based off of a lesser-known show "Somebody's Gotta Do It."  He did not expect this hit series to take off as it did, however, he says he knew that television viewers needed something different.

This week, Rowe's journey led him to Arkansas State University to study the dung beetle.  He and his crew will be in Jonesboro until Friday when they wrap up their shoot and head off to their next dirty job.

On this show, Rowe introduces the viewer to common, hard-working, blue-collar folks who "overcome fear, danger, and sometimes stench and overall ickiness to accomplish their daily tasks."  As part of the show, Rowe doesn't just stand back and watch these people work, he is their apprentice.  Coming with no skill or training, he assumes the same duties they execute everyday.  Whether he's scraping up roadkill, or artificially inseminating a cow, one can see where the show gets its title.  Rowe says the goal of this show is for viewers to gain a new  understanding and appreciation for the unimaginable duties someone takes on everyday to make others' lives easier and cleaner.

When asked for advice from hosting "Dirty Jobs." Rowe says, "Be careful what you wish for."

"Dirty Jobs" airs every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. central time on the Discovery Channel.  For more information, including his personal bio, what's on Rowe's ipod, and what the favorite shows include, go to http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/dirtyjobs/dirtyjobs.html

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Rebecca Lane (KAIT)