Missouri Meth Problems

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The manufacture of meth is a huge problem both here in Region 8 and across the nation.

Missouri is leading the nation in meth incidents.

In Dunklin county there is an upswing in meth arrests but there are other problems as well.

Most of the arrests for meth this year in Dunklin county have not been for possession but for having the materials to make meth.

And now with a new technique for making the drug, the explosive element has been nearly eliminated.

Shake and bake, which is a real simple and easy method of making small amounts in fact the ingredients are more commonly available and it's just a quick and dirty method.

And easily getting those ingredients is why Dunklin county is making more busts. Many of those arrested are from Arkansas.

Sokoloff and Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder don't have exact numbers but they feel that about 20% of all the busts are for meth.

Sokoloff says that more and more people are coming forward to assist them in their arrests, but still more cooperation is needed.

"I don't know that we have any magic formulas for apprehending people. I think a lot of it is just good information we're getting a lot of cooperation from different places and different people."

So far this year Dunklin county has had 19 meth cases, more than all of last year. Most of them are for attempts to manufacture.

Sokoloff, "Purchasing the drugs and chemicals and then apprehended in possession of those things. Cause a lot of those very same people will also have a very small amount or will have paraphernalia for using it. "

Prosecutor Sokoloff says yes meth busts and prosecutions are on the increase but in Kennett itself they say they've got other things they have to deal with more.

Kennett assistant Police Chief Major Steve Williams said they have other fish to fry.

"Between the meth amphetamine and the cocaine and the marijuana. The marijuana and cocaine is more prevalent than meth right now in the city of Kennett."

Looming on the horizon is another big problem for all the law enforcement agencies, prescription drugs being sold illegally. Sokoloff gave me a startling statistic from neighboring Pemiscott county.

Sokoloff, "140 thousand hydrocordone pills were sold legally and distributed in Pemiscott county in the month of April."

Pemiscott counties population is a little under 20 thousand people...you do the math.

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