Residents worry about flooding

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

BONO, AR (KAIT) - As the rain fell in Region 8, some watched the water rise in their yards.  For some, it was the second time in two weeks that they worried the water would come inside.  For many, they never knew this flooding was possible.

"This becomes a virtual lake.  Up to three feet deep in our driveway alone," said Robert Ballee.

"I was scared.  I was pretty nervous.  I didn't know how long it would take to get into the house or how high it was going to get," said Ronalee Ballee.

In the last year they've lived here, the Ballee's have never had this problem.

"This has never been as bad as it's been the last two rains.  It's really a terrible situation with these flash floods.  We're getting the worst of it right here," said Robert Ballee.

"We knew we might get some standing water with the heavy rain.  We had no clue that it was going to rain or flood as bad as it did," said Ronalee Ballee.

Mr. Ballee said since the last flood he has been making calls about this problem.

"All I would like to see is some cooperation with the county to get this safe," said Ballee.

Their house is in a low lying area and there's a creek that runs beside it.

"It has come right to the floorboard of the house.  We've been lucky enough, thank goodness, for this moment.  Who's to say if we would have gotten another half inch of rain last night it would have been really bad," said Ballee.

That's why they are looking into what needs to be done to keep the water out.

Craighead County Road Formon Bo James said he has met with Mr. Ballee about the flooding situation.

He said they could put a tile under the existing culvert to raise it up but that would add to the flooding problem of neighbors across the street.

James said he has suggested to the Ballee's to clean out the creek that runs along side their property.  He said before they do anything, first they need to figure out how it will effect others.

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