More homeowners asking about flood insurance

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)   --  After Wednesday's heavy rain, for many, much of Thursday was spent cleaning up a mess that lingers longer than the water does.

"Most of the inquiries are coming because of the water you're seeing in this area.   I know in my five years in the insurance business, I haven't seen as much water as we have this spring," said Shelter Insurance Agent, Mark Webb.

Mark Webb says a lot of water means a lot of questions about flood insurance.  Webb says in the last month, questions about getting flood insurance have increased significantly.

"Homes where the crawl spaces may have a lot of water underneath them and they're asking me, what do I do?   Really, unless you have flood insurance or you have talked to your agent about getting flood insurance, the only thing you really have to do right now is wait and let the water recede," said Webb.

Mark Webb says there are a number of factors determining whether you can get flood insurance and how much you'll pay.

Webb says the best advice he can offer is to contact your local agent to answer those  questions.

"Just call them up.  They can put your address in, put a little information in, and determine if flood insurance is available to you and how much it would be," said Webb.

Webb says most of the inquires he gets about flood insurance are from banks or mortgage companies when homeowners are required to get flood insurance to get a loan, for example.

Now, he says, that trend is changing.  Webb says all of the water we're seeing is peaking a lot of interest about flood insurance in the area.

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