Couple hit in Craigslist scam warns others

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DUNKLIN COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - It seems as the economy stays down, the number of scams and scam artists are on the rise.
This latest case involves a Dunklin County couple who got scammed when they tried to buy a vehicle online.
Turns out that couple simply wanted to get the best deal on a Jeep Wrangler, instead they ended up making what they call the worst deal of their lives.
"We found it on Craigslist," said Rena Walker.  Craigslist is an online classifieds website. 
At $4,500 the couple thought the Jeep was a steal, so they never expected to get their money stolen instead.
"We exchanged through emails and that was only because we were told he was in the military and he was in a training mission right now fixing to go to Iraq," Rena said.
She and her husband Brian did not hesitate in striking up a deal.
"He emailed and told us he was going to go through eBay that way it was like a neutral third party," Brian said. "We would exchange money through a money gram to an ebay agent it looked legit."
The Walkers say they would only find out how fake it all was after they sent off more than $2,500 to the seller.
"That next day we got another email payment from eBay starting we had to send the other half last half.  We needed to send it by Tuesday or they would put a hold on the shipment of the Jeep and that didn't sit right with me."
Rena immediately stopped her next payment, and got in touch with eBay.
"I talked to a service rep and said I'm so sorry this is a scam."
Since then the Walkers have reported the theft to the FBI and hope their story helps you realize you could be next, if you don't watch out.
"I was very ticked, but I just hope it doesn't happen to nobody else," Brian said.
The Walkers also got in touch with local investigators, but so far everyone they have talked to has told them they don't stand a very good chance of getting their money back.

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