Your Flooding Problems

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The 1200 -1400 block of Washington and Monroe has been a river at least at dozen times in the past 2 months.  The storm drains and sewers are so overwhelmed that if you flush the toilet during heavy rains, it will overflow.  The storm drains on my block belch up toilet paper and raw sewage, the lot at 1404 has been a small lake for 6 weeks of the past 2 months, and the church at Puryear and Washington has been flooded out at least twice in the past month.  The city says they're going to build a retaining pond for the overflow.  When?

The Dog Man

I live on the corner of Jeridon Cove and Colony Park Drive in the Colony subdivision which was developed by Mitchell Caldwell.  I have lived here since 2002 and didn't have any flooding problem until about 3 years ago.  I don't know what has changed but the water frequently gets to 8" high in my yard and gets within millimeters of getting into my house.  Two houses across the street on Jeridon Cove have flooded multiple times including last night.  We have talked to the city and the developer many times over the past three years but nothing has been done.  It takes way too long for our city government to work.

On May 24, 2009, flooding in my area cost two very dear friends of mine to lose their lives. County Road 785 has not only flooded for years but has also been neglected by the county. A light rainfall usually causes some part of this county road to flood, and unless there is a drought, water is ALWAYS on this road. For years, numerous complaints have been made to the appropriate county office regarding the problem flooding. The county's response has always been "I'm sorry but County Road 785 is not a county maintenance road, therefore Craighead County is not obligated to help with this problem." If this road is not maintained by the county, then why does a school bus from a local school district, which is located in Craighead County, travel down this road to pick up and drop off school-age children? Residents in this area pay a county tax like everyone else. I would like to see this flooding problem fixed, but for my friends, it will be too late.

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