Rain helps with mosquitos, hurts too

by Stan Morris email | twitter

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Mayor Gary Crocker is thankful for the recent rainfall and at the same time, not. That's because, while the rain washed away any stagnant water that mosquitos used to breed in, it filled it back up and filled in new places with more, creating the potential for more of the pests than before.

Mayor Crocker says the city of Pocahontas usually begins spraying in May but this year, didn't have to start until June. That is part of the good news, since his city budget is limited. He says he doesn't want to use up all of his spraying-funds early in the year, leaving months such as September without enough.

But with the good comes the bad.

The city now has to contend with more standing water than before. Areas such as east Pocahontas, which is surrounded by farm and rice fields, now has a great deal of standing water that is perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.

Mayor Crocker says they are having to begin spraying now and will have to focus on east Pocahontas even more than usual, if only to combat the initial wave. He does add, however, that if they can effectively combat mosquitos early on, the will breed less and problems won't be as bad later in the year.

The mayor just hopes they are effective early on.