Stoddard County bust highlights need for drug investigator

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STODDARD COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Some folks in Stoddard County are thanking their commissioners following a big drug bust.
Investigators say they found two five-pound bricks of marijuana at a rural Bloomfield home during a recent a sting operation.
The commissioners dipped into the county's general fund to pay to keep a drug investigator on hand after the feds slashed grants used to pay for the position.
It's something folks we talked with say is money well spent.
"I hope they make it safer for people and children," Judy Geary said.
She wants to protect her tenants at her trailer court in Bloomfield.
That's where investigators arrested Roy and Tammy Johnson after they allegedy had a package of marijuana delivered to them through the mail.
"We received a call from the US Postal Inspector's Office in Kansas City advising us that a package had been mailed from a fictitious address in Texas," said Stoddard County Sheriff Carl Hefner.
Stoddard County Deputy Keith Haynes set up the sting.  It helped investigators take marijuana with a street value of $16,000 off the streets.
"You gotta know what you're doing who you're doing it with," Haynes said.
Assigned to the SEMO Drug Task Force, Haynes is only able to stay on the job thanks to county commissioners.
"Stoddard County has had to fund that ourselves, find the money within our budget when the grant money disappeared," said Presiding Commissioner Greg Mathis.
The county put up more than $40,000 to keep Haynes on the job.
"If we don't provide a drug investigator that can work specifically on those cases then those druggies are going to move back into Stoddard County and they are going to start selling their weed and cooking their meth and relocate back to us," Mathis said.
It's a move Judy Geary appreciates.
"We have a large number of people in a concentrated area, school children out there. Where would we go if we didn't have a drug task force? Where would we go for help?"
Roy and Tammy Johnson face drug charges and are both being held on $125,000 bond.
As of Monday afternoon Sheriff Carl Hefner said his deputies were on their way to pick up two other people facing drug charges in this same case.

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