Christmas Shopping: How Much are People Spending?

December 15, 2002
Posted at 9:56 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Around Christmas time many stores have crowded aisles with customers eager to shell out cash for the perfect gift. Petty's manager Carol Carpenter says, "Sales started out slower this year than last, but just here recently we've noticed a big surge. That surge is making up for lost time even though Petty's is a little behind in the numbers. She added that people may have waited a little longer, but that the realization that Christmas is here and it's coming up fast has everyone in the Christmas spirit and ready to get their shopping done.

At Peterson's Warehouse--a discount store that's been around for nearly twenty years, things are a little bit different. Owner Larry Peterson said, "We seem to be doing a little more volume now so i think December will be better than November. Last month, Peterson's had a very good book; sales were up twelve percent. Some of the items sold include a lot of gift ware, toys, a lot of home decor and, a lot of tools.