Farmer's Markets - Local Produce?

June 10, 2009 --

Many consumers are finding as they head to the local farmer's market, some of the produce isn't local.

"We go to the Memphis markets and pick up stuff from the southern states, like Florida, Alabama, Georgia. Because that's what people want and it's not available from local farmer's in Arkansas yet."

Brian Lock, with the Farmer's Market on Nettleton in Jonesboro, says because of the recent heavy rains, one crop will not be on the shelves from local growers.

"Strawberries can't handle the rain and then it killed half the crop. They get underwater and it just kills them."

He says the tomatoes aren't doing well either.

"They are coming in later than normal and the cantaloupes aren't doing so good, but we have more coming in."

He says the watermelons are actually going to be early this year.

"They usually come in around July 4, but this year we're going to get them in around the 23 or 24 of June."

Lock says they are also one of the few in Jonesboro that accept the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging Senior Coupons.

"It's a program to help senior citizens buy locally grown fruits and vegetables and also help them with good nutrition."

To learn more about the program contact the agency:

East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging
P.O. Box 5035
Jonesboro, Arkansas  72403
Phone:  (870) 972-5980 or 1-800-467-3278