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BRANSON, MO (KAIT) - Silver Dollar City does it again with the rhythmic stomp sensation JEERK. JEERK is a Swedish supergroup and all about the junk and the funk and is making it's first ever U.S. appearance at Silver Dollar City until August 5th.

Five performers make up the group using their percussion skills, rhythmic body movements and an array of novelty props to drum, dance and crash their way through this one-of-a-kind stage show.

"We just decided we'd get together and try to make it," said JEERK performer Joey Erixon.  "We just kept working and we're still performing."

The show mixes music, dance, tap, and anything that can make a sound.

"You bring the junk and we'll bring the funk," said Johan Regnell. "We just try to find the rythym and sound in everyday items. We use our bodies as our instruments and love to make people go 'wow.' We love to add humor into the show whenever we can."

JEERK isn't a Swedish word, it's just the acronym combination of the first letters of each of the last names of the member.  JEERK is just one of the many shows featured at this year's KidsFest at Silver Dollar City.

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