Trinity Plans Layoff of Over 500

December 17, 2002
Posted at: 9:35 p.m. CDT

CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. -- More than 500 jobs will likely be cut from a barge manufacturing business in Southeast Missouri in February, according to company officials.

Leaders of Trinity Industries' Caruthersville, Mo., Marine Product plant recently told workers that they're anticipating laying off 508 of the nearly 550 employees who work at the site in February 2003. Officials at the barge manufacturing plant were not available to comment directly to KAIT, but they did say the layoffs were due to a downturn in the barge manufacturing industry.

Some employees who received the news have begun to prepare themselves to relocate.

"Good paying jobs around here with good benefits is just hard to find," employee Angela Rushing said. "Along with the other 500 people, if it comes down to that, you know, a lot of people will have to relocate."

"You get used to the people you work with and all that, you know," said Helen Reed, a worker at the plant since 1995. "You'll miss them guys."

David Madison, the executive director of the Pemiscot County Port Authority, says about 20 workers were laid off from Trinity's fiberglass fabrication facility earlier this year.

Workers at that plant may also be affected by the other Trinity layoffs. Company leaders say they're working to find more barge orders to fill, so that as many workers at both facilities can keep their jobs.