Beck PRIDE Center helps before and after deployments

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT)   -- "A lot of them don't want to leave their family, a lot of them don't know if they'll come back to their family.   The process of leaving your family for a long period is traumatic to anybody, especially if they have small children.   These are all going to be things that go through their head," said veteran Aaron Whitcomb.

Getting through those rough times is something Aaron Whitcomb knows a lot about.  Deployed three times to Iraq, he says the Beck PRIDE Center offered him a starting point when transitioning from a combat zone back to civilian life.

"It's given me a comfortable environment where I can go be around other military people...people who care about military people and other combat veterans dealing with the same kind of issues I deal with," said Whitcomb.

"We try to stop the confusion and just help the families realize they have someone they can rely on," said Kelly McCoy.

Services specialist and veteran, Kelly McCoy, says the Beck PRIDE Center serves combat veterans injured physically or emotionally in a present day conflict.

In addition to helping veterans before and after deployment, they help their families cope with the changes as well.  That help may come in the form of answering questions about benefits to counseling.  With news of the 875th's possible deployment, even more work to meet needs is underway.

"We have research going on at this time trying to gather up different information at this time about services for the soldier and the family," said McCoy.

"They understand that what they're doing for their country is honorable and that's the reason they're going over there.   That's what they keep in mind i imagine," said Whitcomb.

The Beck PRIDE Center is open Monday through Friday.  For more information call 870-972-2624 or 870-680-4110.

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