New field guide to Missouri shrubs

You'll find lots of reasons to own the handy new Shrubs and Woody Vines of Missouri Field Guide published by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Here are a few:
1) handy size to carry on a stroll outside
2) colorized art from original larger book by Don Kurz with art by Paul Nelson
3) helps you identify plants that could bother you (such as poison ivy)
4) helps you identify exotic, invasive plants you need to kill so they don't spread
5) helps you identify native plants you might want to plant where you live
6) it's very inexpensive at $7.50 plus any shipping and sales tax
7) easy to order online, on the phone (877-521-8632) or buy at our larger nature centers
I love this kind of useful book. Just two weeks ago I was taking a hike with my husband and he noticed what turned out to be Japanese honeysuckle, a lovely but nasty invasive plant that he later cut and sprayed. But we had to check with the original, larger book back at home-it would have been easier to carry this new field guide version and know right away.

Then there are times when I see a wonderful shrub in bloom and want to add it to my garden. That happened in May with a New Jersey Tea bush covered in white flowers. This book would make it so easy to ID it.

By: Lorna Domke