Cat found after being lost, trapped for 45-days

by Stan Morris email | twitter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Sam Collins was moving from his house in Jonesboro to Cabot, Arkansas when his cat ran out the door.

Sam looked for the cat day and night, literally driving to Jonesboro from Cabot every other day for almost a month. Bumbles was no where in sight.

Sam spoke with his neighbors, asking them to keep an eye out for Bumbles. Sam's daughter, Natalie Patterson, who moved into his old house, also searched for the cat frequently. Even with all of this effort, there was no luck.

After 43 days, Sam Collins tells Region 8 News he was driving to Jonesboro Friday for his grandson's birthday and he began to pray that he could find his beloved cat. He says he thinks that was the catalyst for what was to come next.

2 days later, Natalie Patterson says she was throwing out wet dog food when she heard a 'meow.' She looked behind the fence and noticed white paws sticking out. Those paws belonged to Bumbles.

She then says she jumped over the fence, in her pajamas and socks, landing in mud, but with only one thing in her mind: getting the cat unstuck. Bumbles had somehow gotten between two fences that were sealed together in hopes of preventing an animal from getting inside. Collins believes Bumbles had fallen through an opening on top of where the two fences met.

Patterson wedged Bumbles free and immediately called her dad, who tells Region 8 News he cried tears of joy when he heard the news.

Bumbles suffered liver damage and weighs just over 4 pounds now, down about 10 pounds from her previous weight, but she is expected to survive. If you ask Collins, he says he knows she will be ok. "She's a survivor," said Collins.

While thrilled to have his cat back, Collins wants every pet owner to know that they should never give up hope if they lose their dog, cat or even any other type of pet. He adds that getting a pet is a big commitment, and that one should only go through with it if they are truly ready.

And when you watch the video of this report, you'll see that this bond Sam Collins and Bumbles shares is exactly what he is talking about.