Defensive driving course hoped to curtail accidents

by Stan Morris email | twitter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) A defensive driving course being taught across Arkansas is what many hope will help reduce accidents on the road.

"We think sometimes just because we've been driving for so long that we know all the rules and sometimes we've forgotten some things," said Loyce Cowgill, who is taking the class.

Cowgill is taking the course to sharpen her skills on the road. But the skills she will learn in this class aren't just to make her a better driver. They're to help her avoid accidents that may be caused by others.

I'll teach them a lot of things about arkansas law and safety that they will not learn any place else." said Don McKenzie, the class instructor. McKenzie also formed the non-profit Southwest Safe Driving Group to help spread the word on driving safety and to hopefully save lives.

The class can help alert people to dangers on the road,  but can also save drivers big money on their insurance.

"My customers average about a $200 average savings a year," said Farmers Insurance Agent Bill Dunnam, who sponsors the class. He adds that it is not your typical driving-safety course.

"We want to try to bring an excitement atmosphere to the classroom," said Dunnam.

But for Loyce Cowgill, her biggest prize may be the safety she can pass along to her 11-year-old son. She says she will take the skills she gets from the class and teach them to her child, hoping that he will use them to stay safe on the road.

The class is held the third Friday of each month at the ASU Technical College. Registration is $10 dollars.