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How does a squirrel get across a power line without getting shocked?

If you attended Kids College in Paragould you'd know how.

They do pretty well until they run into a transformer.

Electrical Safety is just one part of the many subjects being taught at Kids College being held this week in Paragould at the Black River Technical School.

Ashley Ward is a 5th grader, so far she is having a great time.

"We've been doing birdhouses and we've been doing some karate, and we've learned some stuff about the solar system and NASA. I think it's really cool though. "

During the course of the week the kids are exposed to occupations, to science, and to stuff that's just plain fun.

Program Director Jacinda Welch enjoys the Electrical Safety program.

"We'll have electrical safety where they will come out with a mock street and they till kids like if a kite lands on the highline wires. They'll fry a pickle on the highline wires and it's really neat for the kids to learn electrical safety."

For fun, Bonnie the Balloon Lady showed the kids the twists and turns of balloon art stylish hats and lifesaver balls.

Parent Kellie Williams says for her 1st grader Sadie, Kids College has lots her daughter is interested in.

"She come out of the classroom she did Lee's karate yesterday,and she showed me her move on my backside and it was really nice. "

Besides balloons and fried pickles the kids got an introduction to emergency services in the shape of the Greene County Rescue squad and the ambulance from Arkansas Methodist Medical Center.

Welch, "What we try to do is expose them to all different kinds of careers. Because the younger you expose a child to careers the more possibility it is that they are going to go into that career."

Its going to be a very busy week for these kids.

Ward, "We plan on doing DARE and looking inside of a helicopter and we're gonna make scrapbooks tomorrow, I think it's gonna be really fun though. "

The next Kids College is scheduled for next week in Rector.

Deadline for enrollment has been extended to the 26th.

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