Changes coming to Jonesboro intersections.

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback


We have received from Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin showing 13 intersections listed that Mayor Perrin says need to be fixed.

Improvements could include re-striping or adding lanes or additional traffic lights.

Mayor Perrin says the re-do is based on two main objectives. Speed and safety

We're getting at folks flowing through there more. At the same time really addressing the safety of these intersections.

Take for instance the intersection of Parker and Harrisburg road.

At around 8 in the morning it gets pretty congested with people wanting to go through, turn North or South as well as trying to get off the bypass.

The intersections on the list have been under scrutiny for several months. The changes will be fairly simple.

Mayor Perrin says, "we're doing what we think we can do such as adding double right hand turn lanes, double left hand turn lanes. Putting up lights."

One of the first changes will be at Windover and Harrisburg road.

Perrin, "Just in a matter of a week or so, we'll have a double left hand turn lane on Windover to go on Highway 1."

Another major priority for Perrin is to get the left turn signal working on Stadium to turn on to 63 toward Memphis.

Like Windover the city has to work with the highway department on this addition.

Perrin, "Anytime it's their highway or it's tied to it, we have to get their permission. And so far they have been very good to work with. "

One of the streets high on the mayor's list is Nettleton. Take for instance this intersection here at nettleton and rains.

"It was already high traffic, but once we made the three lane and made it more safer it became much more traffic on that."

Narrow streets are also a concern of the mayor.

Patrick street is only about 15 feet wide.

Barely large enough for a cement truck and hardly wide enough for 2 cars to pass.

In fact the shoulder is rutted from drivers having to move over.

Not everything on the list will get done.

It's a matter of money.

Perrin, "We'll be limited to everything we want to do in 2009. Cause there are only so much funds to work with."

Here are the intersections of primary concern. Nettleton & Main, Rains, Highland, Church,. Stadium & Highland. Harrisburg & Parker, Windover.

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