String of suspicious Fires under investigation in Kennett

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KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - There were four house fires in Kennett, Missouri in less than 24-hours over the weekend!  At least three of the fires are considered suspicious.  Investigators are still looking into each of them and are working in collaboration with state fire investigators to determine what happened in each of the fires.

The first fire happened at a trailer on Starnes Street.  No one was home when the fire started and the cause is unknown.

"At this time we're more ruling that it's accidental.  Once again some interviews have to be done as far as residents of the neighborhood," said Captain Paul Spain.

Several hours later the second fire was reported at a house on King Street.

"We got a call that there had been a loud explosion that had been called in by neighbors and when we arrived on scene we encountered heavy fire and smoke conditions," said Spain.

Spain said it didn't take long to start suspecting something could be wrong with how this fire started.

"With this situation and this one we have a condemned house that either went through repossession or foreclosure and was abandoned and had no power or electricity running to it and it brought up some concerns to us," said Spain.

Spain said the fire was limited to the living room and front porch area of the home.

"We cannot rule out that this may have been due to some kind of natural cause or some other cause other than arson or something of that nature," said Spain.

But the fires are still under investigation.  The Kennett Police Department is investigating a third fire which happened early Sunday morning.

"We did find that some type of object had been thrown at the house, small in nature.  There was very limited fire, in fact no damage to the house," said Spain.

This small spot next to the home on Ely Road is all that is left by the fire.  Less than an hour later on First Street, fire fighters were called to a structure that was fully involved when they arrived.

"In that area there are no hydrants so there fore we had to use what we call tankers to shuttle in water which approximately eight thousand plus gallons were used," said Spain.

They are still in the preliminary stages of investigating all four fires, but they are getting some outside help.

"We've called the State Fire Marshalls office in to assist with it which they've called in a canine unit to assist them as well.  The fires do not appear to be related at this time," said Spain.

If you have any information about any of these fires you are encouraged to contact the Kennett Police Department at 573-888-4622 or the Kennett Fire Department 573-888-5337.

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