Record-setting steer has cancer, owner says

GASSVILLE, Ark. (AP) - Lurch, the Watusi steer with world-record horns, is suffering from suspected cancer, and his owner says she doesn't want to prolong any suffering for the animal.

Janice Wolf, the owner of Rocky Ridge Refuge, says veterinarians believe that Lurch has cancer at the base of 1 of his horns. The bull takes the top spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for bovine horn circumference - almost 40 inches at their bases.

Wolf says the 14-year-old bull continues to eat, but that his head lists sharply and constantly to the cancerous side.

She says it's likely the bull will die soon, and she's now considering whether to have a taxidermist preserve the animal's body.

Information from: The Baxter Bulletin,

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