Make-a-Wish granted for special boy

by Stan Morris email | twitter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jon Cullen sees the world through a different set of eyes than most. He is legally blind and has limited senses. He is typically confined to a wheel chair and has to go through rigorous therapy.

But his sense of happiness is very much intact. Because the Make-a-Wish Foundation granted him a dream wish to meet Mickie and Minnie Mouse and to go with his family on a vacation to Orlando, Florida.

Christie Matthews presented the award to Jon-Jon, as he's called by his family, on Friday. She says the trip is a wish and a dream come true for many reasons, "Health care costs are just astronomical and a trip like this for any family is quite expensive."

Jonathan's father, Glen Cullen, agrees, "The money's not there, with the economy being the way it is. The money is not there to go."

His mother, Terry, adds, "This to him is going to be all fun. I mean no therapy, just all fun."

Both the Cullens agree the trip is a great release from their 14-year-old son's challenges. Since Jonathan cannot talk, the wish was specially crafted to be one just for him.

"Because he's a non-verbal child, we focus on the sensory emotions that he does experience, " said Christie Matthews.

This day was fun for Jonathan, but the trip to Orlando will be one the whole family will remember for a lifetime.