Dog tortured and killed

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - Disturbing new details about a horrible case of animal abuse.  A Kennett man faces a Class D Felony charge after allegedly torturing and killing his brother's puppy.

"I seen it right over there hanging from that tree," said neighbor Sedrick James.

Neighbors were the first to see the results of animal torture.

"I started puking for real because it made me sick to my stomach," said James.  When the dog's owner came home from work he couldn't believe what he found.

"I went around the house and saw my dog hanging by a tree with a pole stuck out of it, broken legs, broken neck. This was serious. He had him hanging by his neck," said the dog's owner Davie Vincent.

Vincent said his brother Lewis Howard III is responsible for the torture and death of his three month old puppy Diamond.

"It was just a puppy.  He didn't have no right to do that to an innocent dog.  All it was was a dog," said neighbor Anyna James.

"All over nothing.  Just because I kicked him out of the house.  That's crazy," said Vincent.

Under a tree we're told is the dog's grave.  You can see a collar still in the grass not too far away.

"He broke the dog's legs, broke the neck, shoved a pole down his throat,.ripped it out hung it from a tree from the dog chain.  That's terrible," said Vincent.

"He was mad at his brother.  That dog didn't do nothing to him," said James.

"He shouldn't have done that to the dog," said Vincent.  "It just ain't right."

While the incident happened a few weeks ago, it's still fresh in everyone's minds.  After a police investigation the county prosecuting attorney is charging Howard with a Class D Felony.

"He deserves not to be on the streets.  I'm sorry, I don't feel like I'm safe with him on the streets," said James.

Attempts to reach Lewis Howard III were unsuccessful.  He's scheduled to stand before a judge on July 10th.

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