Jonesboro mayor says it's time to tighten budgets

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- At a special city council meeting on Tuesday,  budgets and amendments to budgets were among the top topics of discussion.  Among the departments seeing budget amendments...JETS.     The council approved moving money out of the city's general fund into the JETS budget.  Mayor Perrin says that will give the city a better idea of how much JETS is spending.

"To show a true cost then we actually cut that out of the budget.   We had to fund that back in there so that they would have enough funds to cover for the entire year," said Perrin.

Mayor Perrin is not just looking at the JETS budget.  He says he has asked all the departments to look at their budgets to see how they could lower their expenses.

"Sales tax revenue is down.   Turnback is down.   The things we're getting inside the city as far as revenue, we just can't balance the books on that," said Perrin.

Perrin says he's asked the departments to cut their budgets by ten percent.  He says with revenues down, there's just no choice but to lower expenses.

'They're going to have to justify personnel, they'll have to justify purchases of equipment, or anything else that they need to run that.   In other words, I'm giving them a business and I expect a return," said Perrin.

Mayor Perrin says because of a tough economy, many other cities across Arkansas are having to take the same hard look at their budgets as well.  Perrin says the department heads have seen the numbers, are working to tighten up.

"They understand that, and they are managers so they have worked with me extremely well so far," said Perrin.

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