AGFC reopens access routes on management areas

MONTICELLO, Ar (AGFC) - The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has reopened several roads that were closed earlier this year due to flooding in eastern Arkansas. Roads on the Trusten Holder and Choctaw Island wildlife management areas have now been repaired and are again open to the public.

The flooding conditions caused several washouts in the roads and created a very hazardous situation for the public, according to AGFC Regional Supervisor, Roger Milligan. "At this point, the flood waters have receded, most repairs and debris removal have been accomplished, the roads have sufficiently dried and they have been graded. They're ready for the public," he said.

There are still a lot of fishing opportunities this time of the year, Milligan said. "We would like for the public to have as much opportunity as possible to enjoy the resources," he said. "In the case with opening the Trusten Holder Road, this will allow for many deer club members on Big Island to return to their camps to repair roads, camp buildings and infrastructure," Milligan added.