Police confiscate pit bulls from home

By CJ Cassidy 
CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Authorities said they had to put down one of the six badly injured pit bulls they rescued from a neighborhood in Hayti Heights. 
Investigators with the Caruthersville Humane Society said at this point they don't know how much medication the dogs will need, and if they will ever be able to place them in homes.
It's just one of a host of issues, animal rescue crews said they fond themselves up against.
"These pit bulls are some of the worst we've seen," Karol Wilcox with the Caruthersville Humane Society said. 
In fact just a couple of hours after we left the humane society Tuesday, a vet euthanized one of the pit bulls because his injuries were so bad.
Wilcox said she's sure the pit bulls were used in dogfighting.
"They have the bite marks definite puncture wounds, bite marks on their faces, legs and it looks like scar upon scar upon scar so it's not a one time deal some are fresher than others couple of them have wounds that are more open and bloody."
Wilcox said investigators found four of the dogs at a home in Hayti Heights, and two others tied outside abandoned homes in the area.
Heartland News could not talk to the owner of the dogs, but Bootheel Drug Task Force investigators say he's a convicted felon who was just recently released from prison.
Agents also say they found two long guns in the home, which they ended up confiscating.
The man's neighbors say they worried about the dogs roaming the streets, but said they never saw any actual dog fighting.
 "I don't believe he was having them fighting, but it do happen," Rochelle Pine said.
Back in Caruthersville, Karol Wilcox mourns the fact she couldn't save all six dogs... and hopes their story encourages folks to speak up if they witness any animal abuse.
"They have become spokespersons for us because they've had such a bad existence, and we want them to have a good existence for a while," she says. 
Investigators tell Heartland News the dogs owner was taken into custody and later released, but so far he does not face any charges.
If you would like to help take care of the dogs you can send donations to Caruthersville Humane Society at P.O. Box 345, Caruthersville, MO 63830 or you can call 573-333-0100.