Hardy Staycations

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback


A new word that is catching on across the country is "Staycation."

It doesn't mean camping out in the back yard but perhaps taking a trip on one tank of gas vs. several.

The Hardy area is a great place to visit. It really has something for everybody.

In Hardy at the RV park a sleeping campsite lies by the side of the Spring river. The smoke of a campfire drifts into the sky.

Except these tents are empty, the occupants long gone to float the river.

At another campsite..B.J. Carter and friends from Medana (Medina) Tennessee are waiting for their float trip van as well....don't they have rivers in Tennessee?

Carter, "Ah yes but up here it's a lot faster than our rivers, a lot colder,you got the little cliffs, cold river, it's a lot better. "

These folks drove 4 hours to enjoy the Hardy area, fortunately in Region 8 we don't have to. From most places it's one tank here and back.

Granted the river is probably what draws people to the area.

But there is always something going on in Hardy. Mayor Nina Thornton told me about some of the upcoming events in a recent interview.

"We're fixing to have a T bucket bash in July along with a kids water fun carnival in the park. We're having a two day motorcycle rally. "

And the list goes on. If you aren't into floating, check out the Good Old Days Vintage Motorcar Museum. Have you ever seen a light blue Model T Ford?

Another great thing about Hardy is the historic downtown shopping area.

Carter, "We like to see the historic town too. The antique shops, everything up here and the old timey ice cream stand. "

You don't have to go out of state to have a good time, recreation, camping, shopping and all the needed amenities are within a short drive from your home.

Susie Peceny is the manger of the Spring River Valley Camp & Canoe. She says the weekends are packed with visitors and the weekdays are getting busier as well.

Peceny, "We're in a location where they can drive up for the day and have a picnic, or they can drive up for the day and have a float trip and go home and be able to have some recreation at a lower cost. "

All during July we will be telling you about ways to save money. We'll have more staycations or one tank trips so you can have fun but save some green as well.

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