Suspicious Calls Worry Jonesboro Woman

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Police are investigating what they say are suspicious phone calls and at least one woman in Region 8 is a target!  After a week long of what Jonesboro resident Brooke Pruett calls harassing phone calls she's coming forward to let others know about what she and Jonesboro Police call a "suspicious company".

"They would just tell me God bless and good luck," said Pruett.

Brooke Pruett said the calls started last week.

"That's how Monday and Tuesday both.  They called about every three to twelve minutes constantly," said Pruett.

She said the company, identified as "Crime Monitoring Center" that claims to be a law firm, started calling her last Thursday making claims she owed them money.

"When they called they made it sound like I was late on a payment, that the payment was due and any human being can forget a monthly payment," said Pruett.

Pruett said she didn't forget a monthly payment and was never behind in payments.  In fact, the loan payment was an automatic draft by the lender.

"It was very trembling to know that they had all this information and when you called the company I got the loan from they knew nothing of this company," said Pruett.

And a document provided by the lender to Ms. Pruett shows the account is in "good standings" and "paid in full".

She said the "suspicious company" wanted her to send them an authorization letter with her debit card number, her name printed and signature, and the last four digits of her social security number.

All so they could pull the money out of her account.  After several days of harassment she contacted the Jonesboro Police Department.

"It's obviously a scam.  I thought it was immediately when she talked to me and now I'm even more convinced that it is," said Det. Ernest Ward.

Region 8 News was there when Detective Ward called the company.

"I'm Detective Ward with the Jonesboro Police Department," said Ward.

After trying several different phone numbers he finally got someone on the line.

"I have a young lady here in my office that is being called by your company telling her that she owes a bill and she doesn't owe it," said Ward.

After several minutes of conversation, the representative demanded to speak with an attorney.

"I'm doing an investigation.  I don't need my attorney to call you.  I'm a detective," said Ward.

Detective Ward said he believes it is suspicious and tried repeatedly on the phone to get information about the company, so Pruett could prove she had paid her loan off.

Pruett has fraud alerts on her account and has paid off the loan in question but said she is still in fear of this company.

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