Warren County included in antler-point restriction

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (MDC) - The Missouri Department of Conservation is asking hunters to help spread the word about an error in a booklet about this year's deer seasons.

A map on page 4 of the 2009 Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet shows areas where hunters may take antlered deer only if they have at least four antler points on one side. However, the map incorrectly leaves Warren County out of the area where the antler-point restriction is in effect this year.

The text of the booklet correctly includes Warren County in the antler-point restriction area. Both the text and map on the Conservation Department's website (mdc.mo.gov/hunt/deer/antlers.htm) also has correct information about the antler-point restriction area.

Conservation Department Publications Coordinator Joan McKee said hunters who only look at the map in the print version of the booklet could unwittingly violate the rule.

"We are trying to get the word out every way we can about this error," said McKee. "We hope hunters, hunting clubs and sporting goods retailers will help spread the word. In spite of that map, the antler-point restriction will be in effect in Warren County this year."