Five People are Dead After Their Home Catches Fire

December 28, 2002
Posted at 10:35 p.m. CDT

TRUMANN, Ark. -- "A lot of pain...a lot of's just hard to believe what I saw when I went in there," Reggie Ivy said in shock over the unexpected death of his younger sister 25 year old Beatrice Ivy. Beatrice and her four children were killed by a fire in their home.  Beatrice was 7 months pregnant. Reggie, who was the first one to find them said, "I could tell the house been smoked and I was going to reach and turn the lights on and you could feel where the plastic was rough.

Officials say the blaze began late thursday but they received word of the incident from Reggie on friday. On the night of the fire Beatrice's neighbor Trissa smelled the smoke in her apartment but thought that the smoke was coming from somewhere in her home.  She stayed up all night, but didn't think about going next door, because a smoke detector never went off. Neighbors say that they recently got new smoke detectors in the duplexes.