Yes we can: Men remove tin from woodchuck's head

SHERMAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - A woodchuck struggling with a shiny can stuck on its head lived to tell the "tail" thanks to a couple of passers-by.

The Three Rivers Commercial-News reports the animal was zigzagging across a southern Michigan highway this week with the headpiece firmly wedged in place.

Ben Jones of Marmaduke, Ark., stopped his vehicle and shook the can, but it wouldn't budge.

Brian Bartlomiej of Alpena then pulled up in his pickup truck, climbed out and suggested that Jones put his foot on the woodchuck's tail while at the same time pulling on the can.

Jones initially failed to dislodge the metal cylinder.

But the plan eventually worked, and the woodchuck was freed, scampering off across a soybean field.

Information from: Three Rivers Commercial-News

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