Mississippi River Bridge Plans Aesthetically Pleasing

December 30, 2002
Posted at: 11:51 a.m. CDT

MCGEHEE, Ark. -- Designers working on the Great River Bridge that will span the Mississippi River in northeast Arkansas are looking to aesthetics as well as function.

Steve Hague of the HNTB engineering firm says the design underway blends structural qualities with elements that appeal to the eye. Hague says his firm added two towers to the bridge that will jut 450 feet from the water, adding to the Delta landscape.

The towers will be wide at river level, then rise to a point. But the towers aren't just for looks. Hague says they also will hold cables that will bear of the bridge's weight. The cables will span from the top of each tower to the base of the bridge, creating two pyramid shapes.

The bridge is part of a planned extension of Interstate 69 that is to take the highway from Indianapolis to the Texas-Mexico border. Part of the highway would run through southeast Arkansas.

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